Online Product Reviews

Diane P – Winnipeg MB

We really like the job it does on technical sports clothing. The base layer clothing works correctly wicking moisture away with no lingering odors. Also other sweaty clothes like work out socks come out clean and fresh with no fragrance covering up residual odour. Whites do need soap and/or pre treatment. Stains need pre treatment but as you are using cold water there is less chance of accidentally locking in a blood stain.

Donna Gauthier – East St.Paul MB

My husband and I are parents to four healthy, active children. With three boys in hockey and a daughter that participates in competitive gymnastics and dance, skating and volleyball, we have a laundry room that is bursting at the seams with “gym” smelling clothing and sinks full of dishes from the many meal sittings. We believe in healthy living, which, to us, means growing our own vegetables and making almost all of our meals from scratch. We preserve much of our harvest and because of our busy schedule, prepare many meals in advance.

We have purchased the PureWash system and had it installed in our kitchen. We wash our fresh meat and vegetables with the treated water. I have found that when the produce and meat is washed with the treated water, it has a much more fresh flavor that I have not found in the past. Everything has a much more distinct flavor and seems bursting with freshness.

We took the treated water one step further and had a system installed in our laundry room. We were very surprised to find that the “hockey smell” in our boys’ clothing no longer existed after washing with water treated with the Pure Wash System. Clothing from the hockey bag, that has sat for a few days beneath a wet towel, which is so common with the children, was once again fresh when washed with the treated water.

The Pure Wash system is easy. For our laundry room, the system was installed at the taps for the wash machine. There is nothing we need to do other than load the washer with the soiled laundry and turn it on. The same routine as we have always done. Once the washer begins filling, you can already smell the freshness of the water. In our kitchen, we have the system installed at the tap for one of the sinks. When the water runs, you can soon smell an “outdoor freshness” that fills the room. We enjoy the water system we have had installed into our house. We are happy that we were introduced to the system and believe that it helps to keep the healthy living rule we have in place in our house. All water should be this clean.

Sherri Preun – St. Andrews MB

I have been using the pureWash system for the past year, and I am extremely satisfied with the results in my laundry. Starting a wash is so easy with little or no detergent powder. I do not miss the fabric softeners at all. When the machine draws water, the oxidization creates a wonderful scent like just after a thunderstorm in my laundry room. The clothes also have that appealing clean, neutral scent, and if I want to enhance it with something more, I just put several drops of an essential oil (I like Lemon) onto a damp cotton cloth and throw it into the dryer with the clothes.

Phyllis Duha – Winnipeg MB

I’ve been using the PureWash system in tandem with a Miele washing machine for a while now and the results are great. My clothes are clean, soft and the colours stay true. With this setup, I use 1/4 of the detergent that I used previously which is a cost savings.

Ida Albo & Richard Bel – Winnipeg MB

We had the Pure Wash System installed one year ago and it performs extraordinarily well… lightly soiled garments, sheets, bath towels are cleaned without soap in cold water, and cleaned well, with no soapy residue and a bright appearance…knowing when to use pure wash is clean heavily soiled items, kitchen cloths etc, use a hot cycle w detergent addition…your detergent use will fall by 75%…the product performs exactly as specified

McLeod Veterinary Hospital – Winnipeg MB

The main reason we purchased this system was to reduce costs associated with laundry detergent and fabric softener. We also try our best to reduce waste and look at environmentally safe alternatives.

We are a Veterinary Hospital and as such, our washing machine is often running all day long!
It’s been easy to use and was easy to train all our staff to use.

We’re very happy with our Pure Wash System.

James Berena – Truly Fresh Cleaning Company

I have had the Purewash for 2 months now and I love it. I own a cleaning company and choose to wash our microfiber cloths in the comfort of my own home. As seen in the picture below, that is the difference in the thickness of my cloths after just ONE wash. I was unaware how much detergent was actually sticking to my microfiber cloths that I would throw them out when they would start to get thin. Had I installed the Purewash earlier I could have saved hundreds of microfiber cloths from the garbage.

Since the Purewash only uses cold water, it has also preserved the lifespan of my uniforms (which have black sleeves). I feel that this was an amazing investment because not only do I no longer need to buy detergent, my uniforms have stopped fading after a few washes. In the second picture, I decided to start washing things such as a memory form mat found beneath one of my planters and was astounded by the results.

Day Scarlette and Robert Reidy – Assiniboine Landing, Manitoba

I love my Pure Wash. I use little to no detergent now, which is great for my little ones sensitive skin and my laundry is the cleanest and best smelling it has ever been.

K. Omichinski – Oakville, Manitoba

I have had pureWash on my washer for over a year and have recently upgraded to the pureWash Pro. There is a noticeable difference when I wash my clothes and I like the convenience of the extra outlet to water my plants and wash my fresh produce.

The main reason I chose to try the pureWash system was due to the issues I was having maintaining our septic system. The decreased amount of detergents and cleaners used has resulted in a healthier better functioning system from tank to pump out.

Installation was a snap and took only a few minutes before I had it up and working. Living out on an acreage, this was incredibly helpful. I didn’t need to have any extra help from plumbers or any sort of experts.

Since set up, I have been able to cut way down on the amount of detergent that I use. Most of the time, I don’t even use any. Occasionally, if I feel an item requires an “extra” clean I use a cold water detergent along with the pureWash infused water for extra cleaning power. Between decreasing detergent used and the ability to use cold water in every wash cycle, I have not only saved money but have been able to be much more environmentally conscious.