Now Available In Canada, pureWash PRO!

A breakthrough in home laundry purification that will change the way you think about clean forever.

As it turns out, your laundry has been keeping a dirty little secret, (It’s really not that clean at all!). Detergent may leave clothes smelling clean but it does not eliminate the mold and bacteria that builds up from sports activities, pets and everyday living.

pureWash Pro cleans clothes with the disinfecting power of oxygen, not detergent. It’s clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and mold, plus its both safe for the environment and for family members of all ages.

Welcome to the NEW meaning of clean.

Why pureWash >

Tried & Trusted by Hospitals and Hotels for more than 20 years

Luxury hotels and hospitals throughout the world have already been using pureWash Pro’s technology to effectively clean laundry, eliminate bacteria and mold while significantly reducing business expenses and environmental pollution. Now, you can achieve the same results at home.

One Breakthrough, Many Benefits

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    Eliminates Bacteria and Mould

    Detergent build-up promotes mould growth and does not kill bacteria. Independent, scientific studies have proven pureWash Pro kills 99.9% of both with cold water.

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    Pays for Itself

    Save hundreds of dollars per year and significantly reduce energy costs by switching to this environmentally-friendly, cold water solution. Not to mention cost savings from less detergent usage.

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    Fewer Skin Irritations

    Ideal for those who suffer from allergies triggered by bacteria and mold found living in our laundry.

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    75% Less Detergent

    With pureWash Pro, you don’t need all that detergent to clean your clothes effectively. The power of natural oxygenated water eliminates dirt, bacteria and mould better than detergent. Clean the way nature intended.

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    Eliminate hot water energy waste and chemicals that pollute the environment. pureWash Pro works with cold water and little to no detergent at all.

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    Softer, Cleaner Clothes

    The activated oxygen infused into the water by pureWash Pro gently leaves clothes cleaner, softer and fluffier without chemical fabric softeners.

List of Features

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    Quick & Easy Install

    Install pureWash Pro yourself in under 20 minutes. Simply connect to the local power outlet, the cold water source in your laundry room and the washing machine.

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    Mix Your Light & Dark Clothes

    There’s no need for separate loads thanks to the patented, super- oxygenated water process. It’s equally effective with all colors mixed together.

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    Needs Only Cold Water

    Oxygenated water disinfects and cleans clothing using cold water only. Simply set your wash cycle to COLD and enjoy a simpler laundry routine.

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    Proven, Patented Technology

    Independently tested and scientifically proven to work effectively, yet gently. pureWash Pro uses a patented, oxygen-infused water process that increases cleaning strength using 75% less detergent.

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    Automatically Works with Any Washer

    Front-load or top-load? No problem. pureWash Pro connects to any washer with standard USA water hoses. There are no buttons or dials to remember. Just start the washer on the cold cycle and pureWash Pro begins to work its magic. Yes, its really that easy.

Our Happy Customers

Andrea Mann – Wolseley, Winnipeg, MB

“We have been using the pureWash Pro since March of 2017 and love it. It eliminates all odours and leaves laundry smelling naturally clean.”

Donna Gauthier – East St.Paul MB

We were very surprised to find that the “hockey smell” in our boys’ clothing no longer existed after washing with water treated with the Pure Wash System.

Edith Baragar – Iqaluit Nunavut

“The big difference is not having to heat the water and I hardly ever use any detergent anymore. My clothes smell fresh even though I cant hang them out to dry”

McLeod Veterinary Hospital – Winnipeg MB

We are a Veterinary Hospital and as such, our washing machine is often running all day long!It’s been easy to use and was easy to train all our staff to use.

Ida Albo & Richard Bel – Winnipeg MB

We had the Pure Wash System installed one year ago and it performs extraordinarily well… lightly soiled garments, sheets, bath towels are cleaned without soap in cold water, and cleaned well, with no soapy residue and a bright appearance.

Who Says You Can’t Have it All?

pureWash Pro proves nature provides us everything we need to wash away impurities that is safe and gentle, yet exceptionally effective.